Mobile web and analytics platform

Get started with mStartUp to build your business. In 24 hours, you can
start reaching customers and tracking their activity on your site.

Analytics platform

Today, anywhere from 15% - 30% of visitors who come to your website are from smartphones. Leverage data to your advantage.

mStartup is a mobile website and analytics
Built so you can leverage the full power
of your mobile website. As soon as you go live, you can
start analyzing your site's traffic patterns. The analytics
give you the tools you need to make informed decisions about your mobile strategy going forward.

Analytics - watch your site grow in real-time:

Your website is optimized for mobile devices with minimal
but relevant content to get going.

Mobile Website Features

Including premium tools
to analyze your data

We build it for you
You do not need to create an account, a password or user name online.

Monthly Report
Not paying attention? We are! We will make sure you are updated with your monthly analytics, mobile news from around the world, what's hot and what's not. How can you boost traffic to your new mobile website? We can tell you that too.

Mobile Dashboard
Our dashboard will give you access to your mobile analytics, QR code generator, content manager and more!

Our 24hr guarantee
Keep it Simple. Within 24hrs you will be reaching
your customers with an up and running mobile solution

Get Started: Choose your style

Within a month you will know if your mobile traffic is 10%-30% of your website traffic.
Then you make a smart decision to go full custom or not.

Style: Professional

Our professional template is clean and strong. Using horizontal navigation and back-to-top features, we give you the serious mobile branding that you are looking for.

Style: Dynamic

Get our Dynamic template if your brand has lots of color, life and you are looking to be really engaging. This style has big buttons and lots of emphasis on social media. Restaurants, bars and blogs will all love this style.

Style: Elegant

This simple and tasteful style lets the beauty of your company shine through. If you are a salon, hotel or boutique, you will love the soft touches and design of this style.