About MobilizeMe

Keeping it Simple and Smart

Building Mobile Sites
Since Before the iPhone

MobilizeMe - member of JK Communications Group - is a Montreal based company that offers leading edge mobile web solutions to North American based businesses. Operating since 2008, MobilizeMe has provided custom mobile solutions to hundreds of businesses ranging from SMEs to large corporations and the list grows every day. In 2010, mStartUp was launched to provide unique, affordable mobile solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

Our Mission

To provide companies the right tools in making informed decisions before investing in a mobile web strategy. With the rapid growth of Smartphone technology, our main goal has been to consult on the benefits of mobile web and implement creative solutions which will ensure that ease of access is a priority for all of your customers.

Our Value Proposition

We help you make the smart move to mobile and smarter decisions to build your business in the mobile space. We do this through our unique mobile analytics platform and regularly communicate the most critical metrics for your business with a high impact analytics dashboard.

Percentage of adult cellphone owners
who use it to access the Internet.

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